What is a Pre Wash?

C'est quoi un Pré Lavage?
Keven Labonté Tremblay
Keven Labonté Tremblay

Let's talk about Pre Wash

An important step in the maintenance or preparation of the paint of your vehicle. This step aims to remove as much dirt as possible without contact. The more we go to work on a clean car, the less the risk of scratching. A good pre-wash can remove up to 80% of dirt depending on whether or not there is protection.

CarPro Lift is the product that is used with a dilution of 1:9 (50ml Lift for 450ml of water). You can also use MultiX 1:10 in spray and apply to the dirtiest parts (rear case, rockers, wheels and mags). You can apply multiX before applying Lift.

The best way to use lift is to apply it on a dry surface. Lift has a PH of 11 when mixed 1:9. If applied to a wet surface it will drop to a pH of 7-8 so it loses a lot of effectiveness.

What's important to understand is that pre-washing will lift dirt from your paintwork and bring it to the floor. Too much or sticky foam will prevent the dirt from going down. Foam that sinks too quickly won't have much time to loosen dirt. As a general rule, the car must be ready to rinse after 5 to 7 minutes that we have applied lift. 

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