Keven, Owner of Centre de l'auto Élégance

Passionate about automotive aesthetics since 2006, he has made it his mission to make detailing accessible, to transmit his passion and his knowledge, so that everyone is able to carry out their own projects.



Max, General Manager

Having worked in the automotive field since 2008, he brought his organized side and his meticulousness to the team. Hired as shipping manager, he now oversees the smooth running of store and shipping operations.



Mick, store manager

Having developed over the years a passion for automotive aesthetics, Mick joined the team as manager of our store. With his contagious good humor, he is always ready to advise you on your projects.



Alex, store clerk and multimedia content creator

With a background in photography and an interest in the world of detailing, he combined his passions by joining the team. With a sense of humor and enthusiasm well appreciated by his colleagues, he is always on the lookout for the perfect shot.



Kate, administrative assistant

With her training in accounting, she takes care of the accounts and everything related to the administration of finances. Playful and versatile, she helps out with other in-store duties and shipping when needed.

Mathieu DLUX, meme creator

First a loyal customer since the beginning of the company, he is now entertaining us with his legendary memes.