BIGBOI - WashR Duo (Pressure machine)

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Built with the latest cutting-edge technology, the WashR DUO is equipped with a Total Stop System (TSS) and will sense the flow of water into the pump, automatically turning off when the trigger is released, reducing noise and engine wear.

The DUO features brushless induction technology, giving it four times longer lifespan.
from your conventional washer. Combined with the semi-commercial German-engineered oscillating plate design and brass pump head, the 2-pole DUO assembly
up offers a low speed of 2840 rpm with high torque.

The DUO also contains ¼ ​​inch quick connect accessories all around and is designed with the iconic bigboi color scheme.
Having a MAX rating of 1400PSI (97BAR) and a flow rate of 8.5LPM (2.2GPM), depending on your region. The DUO will produce a US set flow rate of 1000 PSI / 69 BAR at the nozzle with a water flow rate of 7.57 LPM / 2.0 GPM.


  • 1 x bigboi DUO PRESSURE WASHER
  • 1 x Professional Series Clear Large Mouth Foam Cannon (Orifice Size 1.15)
  • 4 nozzles with jet 0 15 25 40
  • Nozzle Orifice 4.0


  • Voltage: 120/60 HZ - depending on your region
  • Motor: 1,500 W (peak) induction
  • Maximum pressure: true 1400PSI
  • Maximum flow: 8.5 LPM maximum
  • Hose length: 13m/42ft
  • Maximum water temperature: can accept up to 60°C
  • Power cable length: 11 m / 36 feet
  • Pressure nozzle connection: 1/4 inch
  • Power socket: certified standard for your region
  • Dimensions of the box (L x W x H): 53x 28x 33cm
  • Carton weight: 22 kg/48 pounds


If you are connecting the device to an extension cord, you must use the cord options below:

  • 12AWG gauge, maximum length 100ft/30m
  • 13AWG gauge, maximum length 82ft/25m
  • 14AWG gauge, maximum length 65ft/20m

**It is not recommended to use coiled extension cords with this appliance**

Using the generator:

If you plan to use a generator with this unit, please contact bigboi before use as the unit will need to be modified to accommodate generator use.

WARNING: Failure to use the correct extension cord may damage the electronics of the device and void your warranty. The same goes for generator users.