CQUARTZ - SiC (Ceramic coating)

CQuartz Sic
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CQUARTZ - SiC (Ceramic coating)

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To celebrate the end of the decade, ten years of CQUARTZ, we are proud to present the next evolution!

After intense research, development and testing, CQUARTZ SIC is ready to continue where TIO2 left off!

As the name suggests, this new formula also includes Sic (silicon carbide) for added resistance against chemicals.

We've also greatly improved the ease of use, water spot resistance, and even boosted the gloss!

You will be delighted with the softness of the finished product!


  • Decontamination and washing of your vehicle before polishing.      
  •  To get the most out of Cquartz, your vehicle should have all surfaces 100% clean and the paintwork polished to a high standard.      
  • Use CARPRO Reflect to achieve an incredible gloss finish    
  • Use CARPRO Eraser  to remove oil residue after polishing - This is essential to ensure the durability of CQuartz. 
  • We recommend CARPRO's double-sided microfibers
  • We recommend microfiber applicator mitts


1. Wrap a 4" suede around the gray side of the applicator pad.      

2. Shake CQuartz.      

3. Slowly open the bottle and slide a line of product down the applicator.      

4. Spread over paint approximately 2 square feet at a time depending on conditions.      

5.Remove about 5 minutes later when you see a white mist starting to form. (3~15 minutes depending on conditions) use double-sided microfibers from CARPRO      

6. Be sure to remove any excess residue when wiping.      

7. Regularly change your micro suedes  

8. Additional coats can be applied between 60 minutes to 12 hours.

Recommended time between 2 coats: 4 hours

Recommended number of coats: 2 coats

 9. Apply Reload after the last coat.

Recommended the next day to do Reload or a minimum of 1 hour

CQuartz Interview

1. Wash regularly with CARPRO RESET    

2. Wash Mitt:

CARPRO MITTEN (Recommended for daily drivers and most cars - This glove is the easiest to maintain and is extremely durable and washes easier)      

○ Merino wash mitt (recommended if the car has extremely soft paint or the car is not extremely dirty).      

3. Drying towel: CARPRO DHYDRATE OR FAT BOA.      

4. Quick detail : CARPRO Ech2o 1:15 or Elixir and CARPRO BOA Microfibers (need about 3-6 towels). 

5. Occasionally (every 3-6 months) Decontaminate surface with CARPRO IronX . Use during the wash cycle (Before CARPRO Reset) and as directed.      

6. You can use CARPRO Reload or Hydro2 every 3-12 months.

Advice :

  • Keep surface dry for at least 3 hours after application (for best results, keep dry for 24 hours).      
  • Gently wipe any water from the surface for the first 24 hours after application.      
  • Avoid detergents and chemicals for 5 days after application.  
  • Find the right time to "level" (wipe off) the excess coating after the flash     
  •  Start with a single 2ft x 2ft test section to determine flash time before applying the coating to the entire vehicle. Flash time varies with temperature, humidity, air movement, type of paint, thickness, etc.      
  • If the coating is applied thick, the coating will take longer to flash. If applied thin, it will flash faster. Hot temperatures will cause it to flash faster, cold temperatures will cause it to flash slower. Air movement will make it flash faster.      
  •  As it Flashes, you'll see it change from a darker, wetter look to a lighter, drier look.      
  • All streaks should be easily erased and the paint should be nice and clear.      


  • Do not apply in direct sunlight or on a hot surface.      
  • Do not reuse applicators
  • Do not reuse the towels you used to buff the paint.      
  • Wear gloves   
  • Wear respiratory protection such as a painter's mask.   

Available in 30ml, 50ml and 100ml