CARPRO CeriGlass Glass Pad

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CARPRO CeriGlass Glass Pad

3 inches (PACK OF 5)

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CarPro CeriGlass:

Cerium Oxide Glass Cleaner & Polish (500ml)
(please note that the new labeling is not yet available)

CeriGlass deep cleans and polishes all glass surfaces with ease. It quickly removes acid rain stains, hard water stains, road film and stubborn bird stains. It is also capable of removing scuffs and wiper swirls from thin to medium windshields without warping the glass.


CeriGlass is so effective that it removes even fine to medium scratches. It leaves the glass crystal clear and shiny.

The additional hand polishing pad can be used to remove small water spots.

If you want to work effectively on severe generalized water spots or light scratches, use a combination glass polishing machine (Rotary or DA) and use the CarPro Glass Polishing Pad. (Purchased separately).

When used with a machine, this polish can remove scratches from the glass surface, which can be created by salt and dirt that binds to your windshield wipers.

Does not distort the glass.

Can also be used to clean and brighten chrome and other metal surfaces.

Do not use on tinted glass, painted or painted glass.

Can in some cases eliminate tiny pinholes in glass windows (depending on depth).


Cover vehicle surfaces around the windshield

Shake well

Apply a small amount to the glass polishing pad

Carefully work over the surface of the glass, section by section, in overlapping motions.

If the product starts to dry, apply a pinch of water to the pad to prolong the life of the varnish (important during the finishing step for a better finish)

Repeat as needed

Rinse the surface with water, dry with MF and watch your work.

Optional: Wipe with an Eraser, then coat with FlyBy

Available in 150g or 500g

CARPRO block polish ceriglass

The Ceriglass block combined with the Ceriglass polish will give you a good duo to remove water stains in the windows of your projects. With this combination you will also be able to remove any protection on the windows to put a new one.

Carry out a test on a small surface to see the reaction of the glass.

Do not polish other than glass.

Ceriglass:(150ml) kit

Kit contents:

1x150ml bottle of Ceriglass

1x Ceriglass applicators

1x Microfibers (16" X 16")


ceriglass is effective, it removes fine to medium scratches. It makes crystal glass clear and sparkling. It can be used for water spot removal.

Extreme works:

If you want to remove severe water stains or scratches use a combination of ceriglass and a polisher (rotary or DA) with the ceriglass pad (white and red)


Shake well and apply a small amount to the pad and glass surface. Gently rubbed in an overlapping motion. If the product begins to be dry apply plenty of water (important during finishing to obtain the best finish) repeat if necessary rinse the surface with water, dry with mf, and observe your work.

Protection (NOT INCLUDED) Wash with Eraser then coat with flyby Forte