CARPRO - ClearCut (Cutting polish)

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CARPRO - ClearCut (Cutting polish)

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Exhausted from spending endless amounts of time correcting bad paint?

CarPro has been working over the last few years to create an all new, fast acting "heavy cut" compound that has nothing to do with the other compounds in the CarPro line.

The CarPro ClearCut therefore becomes a new first step in correcting major paint defects. You can then finish your correction with a last-step polish, like CarPro Reflect!

CarPro ClearCut has been developed to QUICKLY remove defects allowing you to see the result as you work the product. After 1-2 passes, you will already see the defects being corrected as the product becomes transparent. This allows you to continue cutting as needed, or stop for the finishing step.

In some cases, and with the right technique, it is even possible to push the work of the compound (high pressure and low speed) to reduce the abrasive particles as much as possible and thus only do one correction step for a result flawless.

CarPro ClearCut is an extremely fast acting liquid abrasive built by the CarPro line with the goal of efficiency, performance and speed. Unlike other product lines that promise flawless correction while hiding flaws only to reappear later, the CarPro ClearCut does not include any filler.

It comes off very easily, and a spritz of CarPro Eraser will easily remove any lubricant from the formula to prep your surface for the next step.

Unlike compounds of the past, CarPro ClearCut has its own method of use and reverses the usual process for optimal results.

We start with a light pressure to finish with a strong pressure on the polisher for the finish! CarPro ClearCut leaves no (or very little) dust and comes off like a charm; try it today!


  • Next Generation Compound
  • Cut FAST!
  • Saves you time
  • No fillers
  • Very low dust
  • Removes grains p1000 and more
  • Safe for use in body shops.
  • Compatible for use on dual action and rotary polishers.
  • Compatible with all kinds of foam, wool and microfiber pads.


  1. Prime your pad (dry and clean) with a small line of compound in the center of the pad and add 3-4 drops of product on the pad (the size of a pea).
  2. Spread the product on the section to be worked.
  3. Use FAST speed and LOW pressure.
  4. With MINIMAL pressure for the first 2-3 passes, then add pressure on the polisher for each new pass.
  5. Increase the pressure with each pass, to complete the finish with the strongest pressure.
  6. When scratches are no longer visible, or when compound work is complete, wipe off residue with a microfiber, such as 2 microfiber sides by CarPro
  7. Next section, reapply 6-8 drops to your pad and repeat steps 2-7.