CARPRO - DHydrate BOLD (Drying microfiber)

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CARPRO - DHydrate BOLD (Drying microfiber)

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The new DHydrate BOLD towel easily removes every drop of water from the surface, leaving it spotless!

The ever-popular DHydrate Drying Towel is phenomenal but for those who want even more absorbency, the DHydrate BOLD will give you even more!

A larger GSM absorbs more water, eliminating the need to wring to dry a vehicle!

The double twist loops have been lengthened and almost doubled the GSM to allow contact with a larger surface area, resulting in faster and more complete water absorption to leave a streak-free surface.


  • EXTREME absorption
  • Microfiber border.
  • Without label.
  • Lint-free.
  • Stay soft
  • Paint safe

Information and dimensions:

  • Size: 27" x 35"
  • Mixture: 80/20
  • GSM: 1000
  • Color: orange, gray edge

Made in Korea.

Microfiber care:

  • It is important to never mix your microfibers used for a specific use with other laundry used for other applications.
  • If you dry your MF in the dryer, always use the coolest cycle so as not to damage your clothes because once completely dry, the fibers of a microfiber are particularly fragile in intense heat.
  • NEVER use fabric softener.
  • We recommend that you simply hang your laundry to dry in the ambient air.
  • Use 50ml of CARPRO MFX to safely clean your microfibers.