CARPRO Eraser 500mL - Oil and polish cleaner

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CARPRO Eraser 500mL - Oil and polish cleaner

  • 9400, rue John-Simons

    Pickup available, usually ready in 1 hour

    9400 Rue John-Simons
    Québec QC G2B 0S9


CARPRO Eraser is an intensive cleaner for removing oils, silicones and polish dust from all hard vehicle surfaces to ensure maximum bonding performance of protective products including the CQuartz range of nanotechnology coatings

Eraser can also be used as a post-polish inspection product to remove fillers and product residue, and as an automotive glass cleaner to remove heavy nicotine or road film. Eraser's special blend of alcohols and surfactants are safe to use on surfaces and contain no harmful petroleum distillates.

Paint Preparation Instructions for CQuartz:

  • Fold the CarPro 2 Face Cloth twice (forming an 8" x 8" folded area)
  • Spray liberally over 2-3 square feet and spray onto your towel. Wipe up immediately.
  • When wiping, place your folded microfiber flat against the surface and apply even pressure.
  • Wipe in a sweeping motion when turning corners (not a stop and start motion)
  • Use a “secondary” microfiber with a spritz of CARPRO Eraser for a final wipe before proceeding.


Turn and change your towels often when working on the vehicle.