CARPRO - Fixer (Medium cut polish)

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CARPRO - Fixer (Medium cut polish)

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CarPro Fixer is by far the most versatile compound on the market. Fixer allows you to remove flaws, holograms and cobwebs quickly. Fixer is safe for all types of paints. The formula contains very small particles of abrasives that give all the clearance needed for using an aggressive pad for tougher work, or using a finishing pad to limit yourself to cobwebs or " swirls".



  • No fillers : Fixer contains no Silicone, Wax, Polymers or anything else that only fills in and hides flaws.
  • Fixer is also perfect for hand polishing hard to reach surfaces.
  • Good for all types of automotive paint, from the softest to the toughest.
  • Capable of removing 1500 grit sandblast marks.
  • No holograms, no dust.
  • Excellent compound for use on a dual or rotary action polisher.



  • Apply 3 or 4 drops of Fixer to the pad of your choice.
  • Spread the product on the surface at low speed. Work one small section at a time.
  • Increase the speed of rotation once the pad and the surface are well lubricated. 4-5 on a double action or between 600 and 1200 rpm on a rotary polisher.
  • Perform a few passes (4-5 total) from left to right and from top to bottom.
  • Wipe off polish residue with your favorite Microfiber, such as CarPro BOA, and check the work done in good light.
  • Now that the pad is "awarded" apply 2 drops of Fixer to the pad and repeat the work on the next section.