CARPRO - Handwash

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CARPRO - Handwash

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The CARPRO Microfiber Mitt was designed with a blend of plush microfibers to ensure safe cleaning!

The synthetic microfiber blend is designed to remove dirt and debris by gently lifting it from the surface to ensure safe, swirl-free cleaning on all surfaces.

White microfiber allows for easy visual inspection during washing, ensuring swirl-free painting!

The CARPRO HandWash Microfiber Wash Mitt has a one-sided mesh hand pocket for easy insect removal.


  • Plush Microfiber Blend
  • Size: 9" x 6.75" +/-
  • Strand Length: 1"+/-
  • Texture: soft microfiber
  • Low maintenance - machine washable
  • Edging on all surfaces - won't scratch even the most sensitive surfaces.
  • Soft lining - ensures easy grip
  • Reduces hand fatigue compared to traditional gloves.
  • Hanging loop for easy air drying


  • Be sure to follow a pre-wash procedure to remove sand and debris, with proper pre-washing.
  • Prepare two wash buckets, one filled with CARPRO Reset shampoo and a second bucket with water.
  • Wash one panel at a time starting from the top surfaces and working down. This ensures that you don't transfer dirt from the rocker panels or lower panels where it is most affected to the top of the car.
  • After each panel, rinse the glove in the “Rinse” bucket using the gritguard grid

Advice :

  • It is important to never mix your microfibers used for a specific use with other laundry used for other applications.
  • If you dry your MF in the dryer, always use the coolest cycle so as not to damage your clothes because once completely dry, the fibers of a microfiber are particularly fragile in intense heat.
  • NEVER use fabric softener.
  • We recommend that you simply hang your laundry to dry in the ambient air.
  • Use 50ml of CARPRO MFX to safely clean your microfibers.