CARPRO IronX 4L - Iron filings and contaminants cleaner

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CARPRO IronX 4L - Iron filings and contaminants cleaner

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Iron-X works by forming a water-soluble complex with the iron particles lodged in the surface, allowing them to be removed and clean more thoroughly than a wash or clay alone.

Available in Original Formula, Lemon Scent, and Concentrated Paste for tough contaminants, Iron-X is the original and still the world's best acid-free iron particle decontaminant!

IronX vaporizes into a clear liquid. As it works, the fluid begins to loosen dirt and contaminants and changes color to a bright purple/red .

This coloring appears when the product chemically binds to the iron particles on the rims or the paintwork of your car, producing a soluble complex that is easy to remove. Stubborn dirt, even that hardened over time by lack of maintenance, may require a little agitation with a brush to get the product to work well.

After just a few minutes you can rinse the car thoroughly, ideally using a pressure washer and then wash with RESET


  • Removes iron particles and prevents the accumulation of contaminants on the surface which could cause long term damage.
  • This new formula combines a Cherry scent with the powerful formula of IronX to help mask the smell of chemicals.
  • Ideal for a good preparation before the effective application of a wax or sealant of your choice. Allows the product to adhere much better to the paint thanks to a surface free of contaminants.
  • Safe, acid-free, neutral pH (6-7).
  • Safe for use on paintwork, exterior plastics, aluminum, chrome, rims with and without varnish
  • However, it is not recommended to use this product on the fabric roof of convertible vehicles.
  • This product is designed for exclusive use outside the car.


  • We recommend that you protect your hands and face properly when using the IronX.
  • Shake the bottle well.
  • You can cover the surface with IronX, but keep in mind that the product is very effective so there is no need to drown the vehicle.
  • Leave the product in place for 5 minutes. Always perform decontamination in the shade . NEVER let the product dry in the sun.
  • After this time, you can agitate the product using a sponge or a brush before rinsing.
  • We recommend that you keep this cloth or brush only for other IronX uses. Otherwise, discard after use.
  • Rinse Abundantly the surface and other material used.