CARPRO - MFX 4L (Microfiber detergent)

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CARPRO - MFX 4L (Microfiber detergent)

  • 9400, rue John-Simons

    Pickup available, usually ready in 1 hour

    9400 Rue John-Simons
    Québec QC G2B 0S9


Over time, drying towels will become less absorbent due to a buildup of oils, surfactants and rinse aids. MFX will remove this buildup and restore your drying towel to its peak performance.

Your microfiber is made up of polyester and polyamides, while polyester is the largest percentage and designed to absorb oils, polyamides (both natural like silk and man-made fibers) are designed to absorb water.

When using a microfiber to remove wax residue or sealants, the fibers are coated with the products' oils, which prevents the microfiber from absorbing water, simply pushing it across the surface. MFX is designed to solve this problem.

Feature :

  • 50-100ml per load.
  • 1:10 spray for cleaning polishing pads