D.QUARTZ - Go (Nano-diamond quartz coating)

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D.QUARTZ - Go (Nano-diamond quartz coating)

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Nano-diamond quartz fusion coating

After a year of rigorous validation, we are proud to introduce DQUARTZ Go – the exceptional professional-grade coating that has been reformulated for easy use by everyday consumers.

Without any sacrifice on the coating's durability and excellent hardness-increasing properties, we have fine-tuned the formula for increased softness.

Why choose DQ Go? Outstanding Performance Validation: DQ has undergone a year of rigorous testing to ensure its exceptional surface protection performance. Whether for automobiles, metal surfaces or any other application, it provides superior protection and reliably increases surface hardness by up to 5 points!

Durable Hard Coating: DQ Go retains its exceptional hardness, effectively helping to reduce swirls and wear, ensuring long-lasting protection.

Improved softness: We have introduced a fluoropolymer-based smoothing formula that not only maintains the hardness of the coating, but also provides a smooth, satisfying feel.

Designed for home use: Additionally, DQ can now be used in households. You don't have to be a professional auto detailer to effortlessly apply top-notch protection to your valuables from the comfort of your own home.

If you are looking for exceptional protection, a smoother finish and the convenience of DIY application, DQUARTZ Go is the ideal choice.

The barriers of professional skills and certification have just fallen as revolutionary DQUARTZ technology meets the known ease of application of our CQUARTZ range.