MTM HYDRO - Magnum28 Foam Cannon Kit

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MTM HYDRO - Magnum28 Foam Cannon Kit

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MTM Hydro Magnum28 Foam Cannon Kit with Stand Up Bottle

MTM Hydro's Magnum28 Italian Foam Cannon Kit features the industry's newest foam cannon paired with the industry's latest spray gun.

The sleek and robust SGS28 spray gun with integrated stainless steel swivel is now paired with stainless steel fittings and the PF22 foam cannon to bring you a premium quality Italian foam kit unmatched by any other.

Complete with the new PF22, this kit is second to none. Whether you're lathering up your car on the weekends or you're a professional car wash that washes multiple vehicles a day, this tool will save you time and money.

Simply attach the foam cannon to your pressure washer using one of the included fittings, fill with the desired ratio of chemical, and you're good to go. The snub-style Magnum28 kit allows you to get into tight spaces when clearing and eliminates the need to reach 40"" away to adjust your barrel settings.


To install on certain models of pressure washers such as Greenworks, AR, Ryobi or Sunjoe, two other fittings are required. See 24.0481 and 24.0448 to fit these models.

*Note* This product is only for use with the MTM Hydro Foam Cannon. The improper use or installation of a QC nozzle on the outlet of the spray gun is prohibited as it may result in serious injury. For proper use, once you have finished your foaming, install an extension lance at the inlet of the gun for washing.

Magnum28 Foam Cannon Kit Contents:

  • Italian brass foam cannon body
  • 32oz Italian Calibrated PF22 Vertical Bottle
  • 1/4" x 9" tubing for drawing chemicals
  • 3.5 (1.25mm) orifice installed in aerator body
  • 3.0 Orifice (1.1mm) included with kit
  • SGS 28 spray gun with integrated stainless steel swivel
  • 1/4" Male Stainless Steel Coupler - Gun Outlet
  • 1/4" QC Stainless Steel Plug - Cannon Inlet
  • 3/8" QC Stainless Steel Plug - Gun Inlet -
  • 3/8" M22 (14mm) Plug - Optional Gun Inlet Fitting
  • Teflon tape for installation - 6 tapes per fitting
  • Manual with maintenance instructions and exploded view


  • Min. 1100psi - Max. 4000psi
  • Min. 1.4 gpm - Max. 5.3 gpm
  • Max. 140°F

The full spectrum of ratings is not supported by the 3.5 or 3.0 ports included with this kit. Other orifices may be required for higher flow machines that have lower PSI - Example: 2000 PSI with 3.5 GPM requires a 5.0 orifice. For larger orifices, you'll know it's not working because you'll experience the foam cannon starting and stopping as your unloader slides in and out of the bypass. You will also get watery foam as the 3.5 orifice size is significantly smaller than the 5.0 needed for your machine.

MTM foam cannons will not work with flow sensing unloaders because you will get the same results as listed for an undersized orifice.

See below for additional orifice sizes and replacement items available for purchase.

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