SONAX - Spray + Seal 750ml (Ceramic sealant)

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SONAX - Spray + Seal 750ml (Ceramic sealant)

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SONAX Spray + Seal is a revolutionary protection product that will allow you to apply sealant to your car faster than 99% of all other sealants on the market today! SONAX Spray + Seal can be applied to your car's paint in just five minutes during your weekly maintenance wash. Everything SONAX Spray + Seal requires for application must be sprayed onto the surface you are protecting and rinsed, no applicator for curing is required! SONAX Spray + Seal will effortlessly protect your paintwork from common road contaminants such as road grime, dirt and other surface contaminants. SONAX Spray + Seal will also significantly reduce the risk of water spots appearing on your paintwork due to the hydrophobic qualities it applies to your paintwork, creating incredible potential for water beading and sheeting. You can use SONAX Spray + Seal on more than just paint; whether it's your paint, your plastic, your seals, the door jambs or the seams of your vehicle, you can protect them with SONAX Spray + Seal.

1. Wash and rinse your vehicle thoroughly.
2. Shake SONAX Spray + Seal well and turn the nozzle to “Open”.
3. Apply approximately 4 to 6 pumps of SONAX Spray + Seal to the damp surface of the vehicle, working in 4 square foot sections.
4. Immediately and thoroughly rinse the surface of your vehicle with plenty of clean water and dry the vehicle completely. If any residue remains on the surface, gently buff it with a microfiber towel.