THE RAG COMPANY - Ultra Air Blaster Plus (Cleaning Tool)

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THE RAG COMPANY - Ultra Air Blaster Plus (Cleaning Tool)

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Your ultimate cleaning companion

Up your detailing game with the Ultra Air Blaster Plus and make every detailing project a breeze. The Ultra Air Blaster Plus combines the power of air and liquid to create a powerful vortex that effortlessly lifts dirt and deeply cleans a wide range of surfaces including carpets, upholstery, plastics and even more. Whether you're a professional detailer or a car enthusiast, this versatile tool is perfect for all your cleaning needs.

Built to last:

Designed with durability and convenience in mind, the Ultra Air Blaster Plus is constructed entirely from sturdy metal components. This ensures that you can disassemble and reassemble it without fear of cracking or damaging the tool, ensuring longevity and reliability.

Customizable cleaning:

Thanks to its weighted tube, you can use this tool upside down, sideways for ceilings or under the dashboard; it truly "goes where it flows", allowing you to easily reach even the most difficult areas.

With this tool you can also use the mixing valve, you have full control over the water/air ratio, allowing you to tailor the Ultra Air Blaster Plus to the specific requirements of your detailing project.

Easy Operation:

The Ultra Air Blaster Plus is trigger-operated and comes equipped with two interchangeable trumpet options. The standard trumpet ensures smooth and uniform dispersion of atmospheric pressure, covering a larger area. When you need extra scrubbing power to remove stubborn particles and debris, simply switch to the Bristle Cone Trumpet. Plus, the included graduated tank makes it easy to accurately measure and mix your cleaning solution.

Effortless storage:

When you're done with your detail work, the Ultra Air Blaster Plus offers convenient storage hooks for easy organization and space-saving storage options.

PRO TIP: To get the most out of this tool, we recommend using the Ultra Air blaster with a larger air compressor (20 gallon minimum) to ensure you don't run out of compressed air.

PRO SAFETY TIP: For your safety, we strongly recommend the use of a quality respirator when spraying anything other than water through the ULTRA AIR spray applicator.

WARNING: Do not use with silicone products; Use only with water-based products

Product specifications

  • Built to last: durable metal design
  • Satin black painted finish
  • Chemical resistant plastic chamber
  • Weighted Chemical Collection Tube (360 degree spray)
  • Extra storage cover for plastic bedroom
  • 4cfm at 90 psi
  • Free rotation speed: 8,000 rpm-12,000 rpm
  • Air consumption: 120L-200L/min
  • Liquid consumption: 3L-3.7L/h
  • Inlet pressure: 6-8 bar
  • Air outlet connection: American standard