BIGBOI - D-IonizR Replacement Filters

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The carbon filter cartridge is a combination of PP and activated carbon. It is an economical pre-filtration solution for many applications due to excellent absorption of sediment from sand, silt, rust and suspended solids in water. As a pre-filter in the D-IONIZER system, it will increase the life and extend your DI cartridge by 20%.

Contents: 1 20-inch carbon cartridge

When to replace: It is recommended to replace it every 3-6 months.


The deionized cartridge is a deionization mixture specially designed to give MULTI MEG-0HM quality water for cleaning and rinsing cars. Highly purified ion exchange resins will provide high purity water with minimal TOC.

You will receive 12,000 L of 0 PPM or 1,440 L when used in-line with our carbon filter.

Contents: 1 x 20-inch deionized resin cartridge

When to Replace: It is recommended to replace it when your TDS meter reads 15 ppm or more.

PLEASE NOTE: Cartridge life may vary from the stated data depending on the hardness level of your water. Data quoted is based on 100 PPM.